Get Involved

There are many ways you can assist Bethesda Ministry of Love and become involved in the lives of people in Vancouver as well as around the world.

If you would like to serve with Bethesda MOL in any areas shown below, please contact

Street Ministry

Ministry oppotunities:

  • Worship/Music
  • Multimedia/Powerpoint
  • Kitchen
  • Help (Clean-up)
  • Food Serving
  • Care Cards

Senior Ministry

Ministry oppotunities:

  • Worship/Music
  • Multimedia/Powerpoint
  • Help/Usher/Care
  • Care Cards

Overseas Ministries (Indonesia)

Please pray for the ministries of Bethesda. Also please give financially to support ministry. The medical program is in constant need of supplies, the on-going demands of residential maintenance and supplies. Further development of the ministry to prisoners and others in need (such as cassettes, prothestic equipment, Bibles, etc.). Assist Bethesda with its dream of purchasing its own property. Come over and assist Bethesda short or long term in any of the previously mentioned ministry avenues. Someone with administrative abilities could also provide assistance in the management of these ministries.

Serve from Home

Ministry oppotunities:

  • Prayer Partners
  • Office Assistance
  • Prayer List Coordinator
  • Website Assistance
  • Correspondence

How can I involve my church and others?

Here are some ways you can introduce Bethesda MOL to your friends, family, church groups, co-workers, and others:

  • Add Bethesda MOL’s link to your site, blog, facebook
  • Request a Bethesda MOL representative to speak at your church or event
  • Share Bethesda MOL with your friends and family