Street Ministry

We bring sandwiches, hot meals, and soup to the Downtown East Side people, who live on the street. On the first Sunday of each month, we network with churches and missions in the area and conduct a church service for the street people, during which we have hairdressers cut people's hair. Once the service is finished, we serve them dinner. Occasionally, we also give haircuts on the street. It is amazing how a little love and respect can break a destructive cycle.

Senior Homes

We visit ten different seniors homes, singing hymns, sharing God's love, encouraging the seniors, and bringing uplifting services weekly. Some people in senior's homes have no family support. We are able to meet some of their needs, both materially and spiritually. There are many other homes waiting for our services.

Overseas (Indonesia)

Indonesia is a country that has suffered greatly due to the economic crisis that erupted in 1997. This crisis has only increased the suffering of the poor, the homeless, the handicapped, and many other very needy people of this country. In response to God's Word and to the cries of these souls, this was where Bethesda ministry was founded. We have established a home here where we house seniors, handicapped, orphans, and other needy people.